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Nitrogen Management Tips for Extended Grazing & Stockpiling Forages
Summer applications of nitrogen fertilizer on pastures can boost production, but there are risks of nitrogen loss.

Many growers look to extend their grazing season or stockpile forages with summer applications of nitrogen fertilizer. These applications are designed to boost cool-season grass growth in order to sustain their cattle throughout the summer and ensure adequate feed supplies throughout the winter, which can help reduce feed costs. The concern is as temperatures rise throughout the summer, the risk of volatilization of applied nitrogen rises, too. There are several factors that can impact ammonia volatilization outside of temperature, including surface applications on high residue systems

So how can growers make the most of their nitrogen investment? They protect it with an enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF). EEFs, such as SUPERU® premium fertilizer or ANVOL® nitrogen stabilizer, are designed to protect your nitrogen applications from loss.

As a finished, ready-to-use, granular urea fertilizer with both a urease and nitrification inhibitor, SUPERU is designed to protect against all three forms of nitrogen loss – volatilization, denitrification and leaching. Meaning if you’re looking at increased chances of rainfall, your nitrogen is still protected. See for yourself how SUPERU on tall fescue stacked up against untreated urea and ammonium nitrate. 

ANVOL, with the EPA approved molecule, Duromide, provides the longest-lasting protection against volatilization, making it an ideal solution for pasture applications. With the extra protection of Duromide, your nitrogen is protected for 27% longer than with NBPT alone. And with its high active ingredient concentration, ANVOL offers a low application rate helping you improve efficiency and reduce labor demands during treatment.

To learn more about enhanced efficiency fertilizers and the role they can play in hay and forage production visit our Knowledge Center article here.

To see how EEFs can benefit a grower click here or contact your KAS Representative today. 

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