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Using Nitrogen Stabilizers Can Help Optimize Yield and Profitability this Spring
With the recent trends of fertilizer and grain pricing, growers making spring nitrogen plans may choose to change their nitrogen needs and look at other inputs such as nitrogen stabilizers to optimize their overall profitability.

As one of the most critical nutrients in corn production, effectively managing nitrogen can be key to a grower’s bottom line. This is true even more so as the 2021 December corn futures price today (March 2021) is up 22% YOY from $3.88/bu to $4.72/bu.1

For growers looking to capitalize on grain prices and maximize their yields, utilizing enhanced efficiency fertilizers such as ANVOL® nitrogen stabilizer and CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer. ANVOL protects against above-ground losses and CENTURO offers below-ground loss protection. These solutions not only protect nitrogen but help optimize a crop’s yield potential.  

“With grain prices higher than we have seen in years past combined with the rising prices of nitrogen, growers need to be even more focused on increasing yields by efficiently using each pound of applied nitrogen,” said Tim Laatsch, an Illinois farmer and director of North American agronomy for Koch Agronomic Services (Koch). “It becomes even more important that nitrogen is available for plant uptake which can translate to maximized yields, and it’s critical growers understand how nitrogen stabilizers can play a role in their return on investment.” 

Protected Nitrogen. Protected Yields. 

In a 2020 corn study in Nebraska, UAN treated with ANVOL or CENTURO applied at varying nitrogen rates, consistently outperformed untreated UAN resulting in greater corn yields.

In this trial, volatilization risk was greater due to surface-banded application of the UAN and a period of 17 days following application without an incorporating rainfall event of greater than one half inch. ANVOL, which helps protect against above-ground losses, boosted corn yield across three nitrogen rates (60, 120 & 180 lbs N/acre) by 15, 52 and 43 bu/ac respectively compared to untreated UAN.2

ANVOL yield benefit in UAN corn in Nebraska

Extended dry weather can create deep cracks in the soil, which create a direct channel to carry nitrate nitrogen below the rooting zone during large precipitation events. In the same study, CENTURO, which protects against leaching and denitrification losses, showed a significant corn yield advantage of 29, 60 and 48 bu/ac respectively compared to untreated UAN.

CENTURO Performance in UAN

Making the decision now to invest in a nitrogen stabilizer like ANVOL or CENTURO as you plan for spring nitrogen applications and protection can pay off later this crop season. For more information about ANVOL or CENTURO and how to maximize your return on investment, contact your KAS representative today. 

1Corn Futures Quotes – CME Group The underlying data was provided by 2Real Farm Research under a Research Trial Support Agreement with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Neither the universities, institutions, nor the individual researchers referenced, endorse or recommend any product or service. Improvements in yield and nutrient use efficiency may not be observed in all cases. Always read and follow label instructions. 

CENTURO is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Results may vary based on a number of factors, including environmental conditions. Improvements in nutrient use efficiency, yield and nitrate leaching may not be observed in all cases. 

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Many growers across the U.S. haven’t turned a wheel this spring. Spring rains, and in certain parts of the country cold conditions with snowfall and cool soils, have delayed field work this season.